Sunghee Lee

Michigan Section 298 Pilot Demonstration Evaluation

Research Project Description
Kara Zivin, Lisa Prosser, Sarah J. Clark, Erica Solway, Paul N. Pfeiffer, Steven R. Erickson, Sunghee Lee

The proposed evaluation aims to compare changes in healthcare utilization, expenditures, and outcomes

before and after implementation of the Section 298 integrated care pilot demonstration programs (henceforth,

Section 298 demonstration) among Medicaid beneficiaries receiving care from pilot and comparison sites. This

evaluation will inform stakeholders about whether the pilot programs directed under the state of Michigan

Public Act 268 of 2016 are successful in meeting required and recommended performance objectives. It will

provide necessary information regarding whether the pilot models could be replicated elsewhere in Michigan.

The University of Michigan is pleased to submit a proposal to evaluate the Section 298 demonstration. We

will creatively synthesize multiple data sources to assess how integrated financing models affect:

1. Structures of care, including behavioral health care provider staffing, accessibility of care, range

of available services, and barriers to and facilitators of system change

2. Processes of care, including the amount and quality of behavioral health, physical health, and

integrated care services that beneficiaries receive

3. Outcomes of care, including health, functioning, quality of life, and satisfaction with care

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
(MA No. 20200032-00 / E20203355-00 - Project BN)

Funding Period: 10/1/2019 to 9/30/2020

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