Jeff Kullgren

National Poll on Healthy Aging:Sponsorship Agreement between U-M IHPI and AARP 2019-2020

Research Project Description
Preeti N. Malani, Jeff Kullgren

The National Poll on Healthy Aging is directed by IHPI member Preeti Malani, M.D., M.S.J., M.S., Professor of Internal Medicine, and was launched in March 2017. The goals of the poll are to 1) develop, implement, and sustain a novel, recurring, nationally representative household survey of U.S. adults about issues related to health, health care, and health policy affecting Americans 50 years of age and older; 2) disseminate findings broadly through academic and non-academic channels in order to elevate the voices of the public and inform national dialogue in a timely fashion; and 3) broaden awareness about the expertise of IHPI faculty members regarding healthy aging in the U.S., in ways that facilitate opportunities for future research collaborations and extramural research support, and also enhance the reputation of U-M in this arena.

American Association for Retired Persons
(NPHA Agreement)

Funding Period: 12/31/2018 to 12/31/2020

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