Margaret Levenstein

Collaborative Research: ECR Data Resource Hub: Partnership for Expanding Education Research in STEM (PEERS)

Research Project Description

The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) and the American Education Research Association (AERA) propose to create an ECR Data Hub, Partnership for Expanding Education Research in STEM (PEERS), to build knowledge and capacity in the STEM education research community, broadly defined. PEERS will foster innovative data use and responsible data management. PEERS will be a service-oriented, catalytic resource fostering communication, collaboration, and knowledge building by connecting researchers to resources at ICPSR, AERA, and elsewhere. PEERS will support STEM researchers throughout the research data lifecycle. It will engage in outreach and provide guidance in collecting, managing, analyzing, and sharing research data responsibly, ethically, and consistent with transparent and reproducible science. It will connect researchers to data repositories and other data sources, support access to and use of qualitative and quantitative data, administrative and other non-designed data, video, geospatial, survey, and experimental data. PEERS will encourage the use of research registries and other best practices in research (e.g., machine-readable data management plans and the use of persistent identifiers, as recommended in the NSF DCL on Effective Practices for Data (NSF19-069). The use of such practices will help to develop a culture of transparency and reproducibility while reducing the burden on individual researchers. PEERS will offer learning guides and analytic tools to support appropriate analytical techniques for inference in qualitative and quantitative research. It will provide guidance to STEM education researchers in ethical and legal consent, privacy protection, and confidentiality-protecting computing consistent with data sharing and responsible scientific practice. PEERS will also contribute to building community around STEM education research by bringing together researchers at workshops, webinars, virtual discussion forums, and the data hub website itself.

National Science Foundation

Funding Period: 2/1/2020 to 1/31/2023

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