H. Luke Shaefer

Make it Home Program Evaluation

Research Project Description

The proposed research will evaluate the process, outcomes, and context of the Make it Home Repair Program, a program operated by the Quicken Loan Community Investment Fund and the United Community Housing Coalition, to give new Detroit homeowners access to home repair dollars for critical home repairs. Using primary and secondary data sources, this evaluation will monitor and describe: 1) the extent to which the intervention was implemented as intended; 2) how MiH participants accessed and used available program funds; and 3) the extent to which MiH participants reported experiencing improved housing quality and stability as a result of the program. Through a dual focus on process (the `how? and `why?) and outcomes (the `what? and the `so what?), the findings of this evaluation are apt to inform ongoing program implementation and modification, while simultaneously building an evidence base for new policies and programs that prevent foreclosure by providing a pathway to safe and stable homeownership.

Quicken Loans

Funding Period: 12/15/2019 to 9/30/2020

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