Dean Yang

COVID-19: Accelerating Changes in Norms about Social Distancing to Combat COVID-19 (MIT0019-X9 Amendment #1)

Research Project Description

We seek to support the Mozambican COVID-19 response, in collaboration with the government's health research center for the central region. We focus on promoting social distancing, one of the most important health behaviors limiting the spread of COVID-19. People may practice insufficient social distancing because they may not believe or realize that community norms have shifted towards support for social distancing, and they may also not realize its public health benefits. In a representative sample of 3,000 households across three provinces, we will test two different messaging approaches to promoting social distancing, by informing households that: 1) others in the community support social distancing (with two subtreatments, where "others" means: a) prominent individuals, and b) high shares of other households), and 2) social distancing has public health benefits. Data from high-frequency phone-based surveys will inform government about how COVID-19-related knowledge, beliefs, and preventative behaviors are changing over time.

UK Department for International Development
(subcontract: MIT0019-X9-Amendment 1)

Funding Period: 4/1/2020 to 12/31/2020

International Focus: Mozambique

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