Denise Anthony

SaTC : Frontiers : Collaborative : Security and Privacy in the Lifecycle of IoT for Consumer Environments (SPLICE)

Research Project Description

This project seeks to study the privacy and security implications of the Internet of Things (IoT) in which Smart Things (objects with digital electronics and a network interface) interact with other Smart Things and, via the Internet, with remote services. Our focus is on Smart Things in the home because this setting provides a unique set of challenges across multiple types of home environments ? from single-family owner-occupied homes, to rental apartments, to assisted living communities. Few of today's IoT devices and platforms support (or even recognize) the complex privacy and security issues arising in these environments, raising a number of significant scientific challenges related to the security and privacy in the lifecycle of IoT in these environments. Our interdisciplinary team of researchers will focus on the following questions: How does IoT technology in the home create novel security and privacy risks, and how do these risks vary across complex stakeholder relationships? How can we leverage technology to support the privacy and security of all users throughout the lifecycle of Smart Homes? What practices and policies will lead to manageable systems that enable users to live in a trustworthy digital environment while enjoying the benefits of a Smart Home?

Dr. Anthony will be part of the larger SPLICE team, and will be responsible for contributing to three subprojects of the grant: (1) Perception and value of privacy threats in Smart spaces; (2) managing privacy of Smart-home data; and (3) specifying and verifying developer intent of device behaviors. Dr. Anthony will analyze existing data (e.g., from Pew Research Center surveys of privacy), and work with the research team to conduct experimental studies, surveys and/or user studies of (1) perceptions of privacy, (2) privacy-consequential behavior, with IoT devices and in IoT environments, and (3) expectations for Smart Things and environments. She will also hire and manage one graduate student research assistant in each of the five years of the project. Dr. Anthony will contribute one summer month throughout the project period (Years 1-5).

National Science Foundation
(subcontract: R1383)

Funding Period: 10/1/2020 to 9/30/2025

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