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Sarah Seelye"The PSC Alumni Graduate Student Support Fund provided me with the means to conduct field research and interviews several days a week over the course of four months in Detroit. The project expenses entailed in travel, transcribing interviews, and incentive payments to respondents otherwise would have been impossible for me to meet. As a result of this support, I have made substantial progress on the project, which looks at residential mobility and neighborhood dynamics in Detroit, and furthered as well my longer term degree and career goals. I have chosen to extend my research and develop some of the ideas I discuss in my paper. I am now working on my dissertation prospectus, which builds directly on the research that grew out of this project. Receiving this generous grant in the early stages of my doctoral program has been invaluable to my growth as a scholar. It provided me with the opportunity to collect my own data and learn first-hand the challenges and rewards of directing a research project."

--Sarah Seelye (PSC Alumni fund recipient, 2013)
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PSC Training Funds

PSC offers trainee support via several small grants: the Freedman, Hermalin, Mueller, Weinberg Funds, and the Alumni Award. Please visit each small grant page for additional information.

Support from these funds is distributed via the annual PSC Small Grants Program. Specific application and award dates are announced annually.

To streamline the process of applying for PSC's mulitple endowment funds, we use a single Small Grants Application Form for all funds. This application form is made available when award schedules are announced each year. The PSC Advisory Committee evaluates all proposed activities and determines the most appropriate funding source for those accepted.

Annual schedule and eligibility

Program Call for Apps Apps Due Awards Made PSC Eligibility
PSC Small Grants* Apr Apr/May May researchers, predocs,
alumni, collaborating
PSC Alumni Grants Apr Apr/May May predocs
PSC Pilot Grants^ TBD TBD TBD researchers
Weinberg Fellowship:
Population, Development
and Climate Change
Ongoing Feb Mar predocs

  * Small Grants include Freedman, Hermalin, Mueller, and Weinberg Funds.

  ^ Pilot Grants contingent on NICHD funding

In addition, an assortment of government, foundation, and University funds are available to support trainees. Please see the UM Office of Financial Aid for more information.

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